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Why Do Walmart Prescription Prices Seem So High?

As more and more families struggle to afford the cost of having a good form of medical insurance, so they find that Walmart prescription prices seem to increase each time they have their prescriptions refilled. This is why more and more of them want to find out why the cost of prescription medications are so high. There are a few different factors that contribute to the rising cost of all medications – not just the prescription ones.

Supply and Demand
This is probably one of the most important factors that play a part in determining what the average Walmart prescription prices for a particular medication will be. As more prescriptions are given by doctors to patients for a particular medication, the popularity level of it will increase substantially. This will in turn cause the price of it to increase as well. In some instances where there is a severe shortage of a particular medication due to logistical reasons or unavailability of the required ingredients to manufacture it, the price could also end up increasing substantially until supply levels are stabilized again.

Size of Dosage Required
In most cases, Walmart prescription prices can also vary according to the size of the dosage that is required by the patient. For example, a patient who only requires a 5mg dose will normally pay a bit less for their medication than one who requires a 20mg dose of the same drug. However, there are rare instances where the varying dosages are sold at the same price. In cases like these, patients should inquire about the possibility of purchasing the higher dosage tablets and halving or even quartering them; however, this may not be effective in cases where there I a slow release coating on the pill in question, as it will affect its absorption rate into the patient’s body.

Lowering the Cost with Prescription Cards
Patients who are struggling to afford the high Walmart prescription prices can normally lower them if they make use of prescription cards, discount coupons and other forms of special offers. Although many people are under the impression that they will have to waste a lot of time trying to find these forms of discount offers, this is not the case. Thanks to the internet, offers like these can usually be located within a few minutes at the most – many patients have stated that they have been able to save up to 80% off the cost of their Walmart prescription prices by doing this. Over the course of a few months, these savings can add up substantially – to thousands of dollars in some cases.

When using prescription cards or any other forms of discount offers to help lower Walmart pharmacy prices, patients should ensure that the cards they have found are still valid and that they can be redeemed against their particular prescriptions. It is also essential to ensure that patients read all of the terms and conditions associated with using a particular prescription card.

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