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Who Makes Ol’ Roy Dog Food?

Although there are many different brands of dog food on the market these days, many pet owners want an answer to the question of, “Who makes Ol’ Roy dog food?” Although the brand itself is affiliated with Walmart, this does not mean that the retail giant is responsible in any way for the manufacture of it. Instead, they entrust the manufacture of their private label brands to various manufacturers around the country.

Various Manufacturers
When it comes to the manufacturing of private label products for big box stores like Walmart, there will usually be an array of different companies who will be involved. As a result, there is no single answer to, “Who makes Ol’ Roy dog food?” In most cases, manufacturers who are able to offer the retailers the best pricing on bulk purchases will normally be awarded the contracts to make their goods. Some of the most well-known manufacturers of this dog food include Mars and/or Doane Pet Food, which is one of the largest producers of dry pet food in the world.

Choosing the Right Dog Food
Many pet owners think that all dry dog food products are the same, but this is not the case. Many of the cheaper brands of dry food do not contain the same ingredients as the more expensive options. In fact, as much as 50% of the ingredients in the cheaper brands are non-nutritious filler items, many of which can actually be harmful to your pet’s health. This is why it is important for pet owners to spend as much as they can comfortably afford when purchasing dry dog food products – in this case, it will always be ‘you will get what you pay for.’

Give Your Dog the Best
After finding the answer to, “Who makes Ol’ Roy dog food?” many pet owners realize that it may not be the most suitable option for their dogs, especially if their pets have special dietary need or allergies. However, in cases where other dog food is not available for any reason, this food may be suitable to use for a short while. Pet owners who have to purchase this dog food should ensure that they supplement their dog’s diets with other food and nutritious treats as well, as this will help ensure that their pets will be able to stay as healthy as possible. It is also recommended that pet owners follow the instructions on the dog food packaging with regards to how much should be given to their dogs each day.

In most cases, pet owners who ask, “Who makes Ol’ Roy dog food?” are looking for information to help them ensure that they are buying the best quality food for their pets. This dog food is also available in other countries where there are Walmart stores, and in most cases, it is manufactured locally in each of these regions. This enables pet owners to get this particular dog food at the lowest possible prices.

2 responses to “Who Makes Ol’ Roy Dog Food?”

  1. Christine Baker says:

    My dogs love it!! Which is a bummer because I really do not like to spend my money at Wal-Mart. Is there another way I can purchase Ol’ Roy besides going to Wal-Mart?

  2. Jan says:

    I want to know who makes OL’Roy and I what to bitch at them, before I feed my babies any wet dog food I taste the food first. I hate OLroy wet food there is to much salt in it and to much sugar. I my self taste the dog food first and OLROY is salty as hell. Who ever makes it are stupid assholes, they don’t know about dogs at all. get them out of there. Are the VETS paying them to put alot of salt and sugar in the canned dog food so the vets can have more business with diabetes and high PB in dogs for people to buy medicine for their babies. I will find out for sure.

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