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What to Expect with Walmart Tire and Lube Hours

With numerous vehicle owners working longer hours than ever, it has become necessary for them to have tire changes and lube services performed outside of regular working hours. However, it can be quite challenging to find auto shops to perform these services that are open later than usual. The good news is that Walmart tire and lube hours are normally substantially longer than those of most other auto shops.

May be Area and Employee-Dependent
Although Walmart tire and lube hours are usually extended, they will be largely dependent on the area in which the branch is situated in and whether it is a superstore branch or not. Vehicle owners will also need to determine whether their local Walmart branch has a lube bay and tire change area, as not all branches are able to offer these services. Another factor affecting the operating hours at Walmart tire and lube bays will be the amount of employees who are available to cover a particular shift. Fewer employees may sometimes result in shorter operating hours at Walmart tire and lube centers. However, this will usually only occur in extreme circumstances.

Confirming the Hours at Walmart’s Tire and Lube Bays
Many customers have reported that the average Walmart tire and lube hours run from approximately 7 am through to 9 pm on Mondays through to and including Sundays, which provides vehicle owners with plenty of time to have these services performed on their vehicles. An added convenience of having these services performed at Walmart is that customers can drop their vehicles off at the lube and tire bays, do the rest of their shopping and collect their vehicles again afterwards. Vehicle owners can opt to have basic safety checks and other essential maintenance performed at the same time as well – in some cases, these may even be performed free of charge.

Tire and Lube Bay Pricing
In addition to Walmart tire and lube hours, customers often want to know how much tires and lube services are at this popular retailer. However, this will depend largely on the type and size of tires purchased, as well as the type of lube service that is needed. If pricing is needed before having any of these services performed, it is recommended that customers either call ahead to inquire or obtain more information from the employees on duty. Vehicle owners may sometimes be fortunate enough to obtain discount coupons or other special offers that will enable them to save between 5% and 50% off the cost of these basic services.

Before purchasing tire and lube services at Walmart, it is essential for vehicle owners to ensure that the correct lube products and tires are selected. Failure to do so could not only result in a vehicle’s warranty being voided; it could also result in severe damage or even injuries being caused. Once these services have been performed, vehicle owners can look forward to many reliable and trouble-free hours of driving.

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