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What is the Walmart Return Policy on Video Games?

Walmart sells thousands of different video game titles each year because of the fact that their prices are normally so competitive. However, there are some instances where a customer may have purchased the wrong game or a game that may be faulty for some reason. As a result, many people would like to know what the Walmart return policy on video games is at present.

Proof of Purchase Needed
When considering the Walmart return policy on video games, it is important to remember that when returning them, a receipt or proof of purchase will be required. If the game is still in its original packaging – no seals are broken or wrappers have been removed – you will be able to either exchange it for something else or receive a credit for it. The way in which the credit will be processed will depend on how it was paid for in the first place. For example, if you paid cash, you will receive a cash refund and if the purchase was paid for with a credit card, your account will be credited accordingly. If packaging has been opened, you will only be allowed to receive another copy of the same game in exchange.

If there is No Proof of Purchase
If for some reason there is no proof of purchase available when returning a video game, the Walmart return policy on video games clearly states that the item must be unopened. If unopened and there is no proof of purchase available, the customer will receive a store credit, which can then be used to purchase something else in-store. However, in cases like these, customers will normally be asked to provide some form of valid identification at the time the transaction is being performed. It is also essential for customers to remember that all video games will only be accepted for return within a maximum of 90 days after they have purchased them.

The Walmart return policy on video games is quite strict because it has to comply with federal regulations concerning the possibility of software and game piracy. In other words, no store associate or even store manager will be able to override this policy in any way, as the purchasing system will not allow it. It is important to ensure that the correct game is selected at the time of purchase, as this will help prevent a lot of inconvenience.

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