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What Does the Walmart TV Return Policy Entail?

Thanks to the competitively low prices on TVs and other electronic appliances, many people choose to purchase their TVs at Walmart each year. While most of these go on to serve customers for a good few years afterwards, there are some instances where they may need to be returned. As a result, it is important for consumers to know exactly how the Walmart TV return policy works.

Proof of Purchase Always Required
Regardless of whether a TV is being returned because a customer is not happy with it or it has gone faulty, the Walmart TV return policy clearly states proof of purchase is required before any form of return will even be taken into consideration. This is to ensure that the customer has indeed paid for the TV and that no form of theft has taken place – believe it or not, many TVs are stolen from Walmart each year. In some cases, customers may also be required to provide some form of identification when processing the return of a TV. Having all of the necessary documentation on hand will ensure that the return process is as smooth and convenient as possible.

90 Day Return Period
Customers who are not happy with their TV purchase for any reason will need to remember that they only have 90 days is which to return it to Walmart after it has been bought. The only exception to this will be in cases where the TV has gone faulty and needs to either be exchanged or returned to be repaired. However, it is important for customers to remember that accidental breakage or damage will not be covered under warranty. ‘Acts of God’ such as lightening or other weather-related damage will also not be eligible for warranty repairs. In cases like these, the Walmart TV return policy will clearly stipulate that the customer will have to pay for the repairs.

The Walmart TV return policy is quite simple to understand. Customers will need to ensure that they keep the box that the TV came in as well as their proof of purchase until the warranty period is up. Failure to do so will render their warranty invalid in most cases, which means that they will either be stuck with a TV that they are not happy with or one that is faulty and that they need to cover the repair cost of.

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