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Does Walmart Price Match Amazon items or Not?

As the cost of consumer goods continues to rise, more and more people are looking for ways to get various items at the best possible prices. This has resulted in numerous retailers changing their policies pertaining to price matching, as it can enable them to make additional sales – customers will often shop elsewhere if a store is not willing to price match for them on the spot. In some cases, it is possible to get Walmart to price match Amazon with some items.

Terms and Conditions Will Apply
Although Walmart will be willing to price match Amazon for some items, there will be a few terms and conditions associated with this practice. As a result, it will be essential to read all of the associated terms and conditions carefully before trying to apply a price match. For example, one of the most important conditions is that a price match will only be honored when the item in question is being stocked and sold by Amazon itself – not any of the third party vendors who are selling goods there. “Going out of business” or “closeout” sale prices will also not qualify under the Walmart price match Amazon policy.

Always Read Carefully
When it comes to taking advantage of the Walmart online price match policy, customers will need to remember that although they will not need to have a physical copy of a competitor’s ad with them to qualify, the store will reserve the right to follow up and confirm whether the items are indeed available elsewhere at the same or better prices. Walmart price match Amazon deals will also not include percentage off special offers, such as “all toys at less 50% discount,” and all items must be 100% identical to those being advertised (brand, flavor, color and size must all match 100% to qualify).

Quantities May be Limited
Whenever a Walmart price match Amazon deal is being applied for, Walmart will have the right to limit quantities being sold at any time, and any local competitor’s advertised price will be matched. Any private label items will also be excluded from this price matching campaign, as it is impossible to determine whether one retailers private label item is the same as any others. In cases where customers have to purchase a specific item in order to get another for free, they will not be able to apply the Walmart price match with Amazon either. Adverts where actual pricing of a product cannot be determined will not qualify for this form of price matching either.

Details must be Specific
Any adverts that customers want to use for a Walmart price match with Amazon need to be clearly worded – pricing and item descriptions must be specific. Even in the case of fresh product and/or meat products, the price per lb. must be an exact match and the item description must be the same. For example 1 lb. ground beef at $1.00, 1 lb. pack of carrots at $0.99 or 5 avocados for $2.00. Any One Hour Guarantee items will also not qualify for the Walmart price match with Amazon promotion either. Any adverts or flyers that have been misprinted or where other errors have been made will not be able to be used to match pricing to obtain discounts either.

Limited Online Retailers
The selections of online retailers that can be used to do a Walmart price match with Amazon are limited. At present, they include,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and of course

Stock Must be Available
Anyone who is trying to perform a Walmart price match with Amazon will need to remember that in order to do so; both retailers must currently have stock of the item in question. In addition, only one price match deal per product per deal will be allowed to be used for matching per day. Any bundled deals or other forms of flash sales will also not count for these price matching deals, unless otherwise specified by Walmart. In cases where customers are not sure if a particular item will qualify for a Walmart price match with Amazon, they are welcome to inquire by email or by means of visiting a store and speaking with a customer service representative.

In cases where discount coupons are being used, these will usually also not count towards being allowed to match pricing from Amazon. There may also be instances where specific items will only be allowed to be price matched at specific times of the year – customers will need to ensure that they do the necessary amount of research beforehand, as this will prevent inconvenience or disappointment.

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