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Why Walmart Paint Prices Will Vary Between Brands

As every home owner knows, it is necessary to paint the inside and outside of a house at least once every few years to ensure that it stays looking good for as long as possible. Choosing good quality paint products can however be quite expensive, unless you are willing to take a little time to compare Walmart paint prices and brands. This will enable you to get the best deals possible the next time you need to paint your home.

What to Look for when Comparing Walmart Paint Prices
Although many people think that there is no difference between the different brands and types of house paint, this is not true. When looking at the selection of paints on offer at your local Walmart branch, it is important to read the information provided on the tin, as this will tell you whether it is intended for indoor or outdoor use, how many coats will be required for full coverage and how many square feet each tin is expected to cover when used properly. In many cases, information regarding the different color ranges and types of paint that are available in the range will also be supplied in this way.

Comparing Walmart Paint Prices
Most times, exterior paints will be more expensive than interior paints because of the fact that they have to stay looking good while enduring various weather conditions. However, when it comes to interior paints, the semi-gloss and satin paint finishes will normally be more expensive than standard flat finish interior paint. For example, home owners can currently purchase a quart of flat white exterior paint for as little as $26.97 or a quart of exterior satin finish paint for around $33.23. If you purchase contractor’s grade flat finish exterior paint, you can expect to pay just over $96.00 per gallon. If special offers or promotions are available, these prices may sometimes differ.

How to Choose House Paint
When comparing Walmart pint prices, it is important to remember that the cheapest price will not result in the best quality finish. In many instances, cheaper paints will require more coats to cover a wall completely, which will result in them costing more in the long run anyway. Another disadvantage of using the cheapest paints on the market is that they simply do not weather or last as well as the more expensive varieties. You may also find that the paint color displayed on the outside of the tine may not be exactly the same as the paint inside, which can result in problems with mismatched paint. This can result in an uneven color match.

When purchasing any type of paint for your home, it is recommended that you spend as much as you can comfortably afford to spend. This will ensure that you will be rewarded with the best possible finish at the end of your painting project.

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  1. Heather Smith says:

    I’ve been wondering about the differing paint prices. This makes a lot of sense now. Thanks for this great information. Just what I need right now–about to paint my bedroom!

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