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Are Walmart Milk Prices A Good Value?

Milk is a staple food item in millions of homes throughout the country, which has resulted in many families looking to get it at the most affordable price possible. However, in order to determine milk prices at Walmart, it’s essential to know what type of milk you will need – different types of milk will be different prices. While some will be quite affordable, such as fresh milk, others like organic or almond milk may be more expensive.

Choosing the Right Milk
These days, there are numerous different types of milk on the market, which can make it difficult to compare all of the milk prices at Walmart to those of competitor stores. Along with regular fresh milk, some of the other more popular options include soy milk, condensed milk, almond milk and rice milk. Other options that have become popular include powdered milk, organic milk, and low fat and fat free milk. Although many consumers will choose milk according to their taste preferences, there are instances where dietary restrictions and allergies require that they use particular milk products.

Comparing Milk Prices at Walmart
In most cases, the great value gallon bottles offer the best milk prices at Walmart – especially if they are close to their sell by dates. Many Walmart branches will mark down their milk gallons if they are within a day or two of their sell by dates, enabling you get purchase it for up to half price. This milk can then be frozen until such time as it is needed and it will still be fresh to use for a few days afterwards. However, once a milk bottle or carton has been opened, it’s important to remember that it should be used within a day or two at the most to ensure that it remains fresh.

Saving Money on Milk
Apart from having your family consume less milk, other ways to reduce the cost of this staple item are to purchase it when it goes on sale or to use discount coupons that may sometimes be available. In some cases, different store locations will affect the milk prices at Walmart – some branches may offer lower prices than others. The most popular gallon and half-gallon fresh milk products will not always have pricing available online because they can only be purchased in-store. However, the pricing of many other milk products can start from under $2 per carton, depending on what type of milk it is. When purchased in bulk, the pricing may be even lower than this in some cases.

When comparing milk prices at Walmart, it’s also important to ensure that you check the sell by or use by dates on the products. This will help ensure that you purchase the freshest products possible. If you need to purchase milk in bulk, you may sometimes be able to obtain a larger discount if you speak with your local store manager. However, this policy will usually vary between the different store locations.

Walmart milk prices depend on the type of milk purchased

“To determine where milk is processed, look for the plant code printed on the package then go to and enter the code to determine its origin.”


Great Value Vitamin D Milk, .5gal

Great Value Reduced Fat 2% Milk, .5gal

Great Value Low Fat 1% Milk, .5gal

Great Value Fat Free 0% Milk, .5gal


Great Value Vitamin D Milk, 1gal

Great Value Reduced Fat 2% Milk, 1gal

Great Value Low Fat 1% Milk, 1gal

Great Value Fat Free 0% Milk, 1gal


Prairie Farms Vitamin D Milk, 1 gal


Prairie Farms 2% Reduced Fat Milk, 1 gal


Prairie Farms Fat Free Skim Milk, 1 gal


Great Value Low Fat 1% Chocolate Milk, 1 gal


TruMoo Chocolate Milk, 1 gal

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