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How Good Are Current Walmart Fried Chicken Prices?

When it comes to preparing meals, many people are simply too tired to do so after a long and difficult day at work. As a result, they tend to rely either on fast food drive-through lines or on ready-made meal options such as fried chicken from Walmart. Although this can be a handy option, it can work out quite expensive because Walmart fried chicken prices have increased a little over the past few years.

Choosing your Portion Size
When determining what Walmart fried chicken prices will be, one of the main factors that need to be considered is how many pieces need to be purchased. If only a few pieces are needed (less than 10), the price per piece will normally be higher than if a family sized bucket of 50 or even 100 pieces is purchased. In some cases, there is the option of selecting a few side options to go with the chicken pieces, but this may also affect the final cost. In most cases though, the larger the quantity of chicken pieces that is purchased, the lower the price will be per piece.

How Much Will the Pieces Be?
At present, the average Walmart fried chicken prices can vary from as little as about $0.60 a piece to more than $1.00 per piece – depending on how many you purchase at once. For example, if you purchase an 8-piece pack of chicken, you may pay as much as $10 to $12 for the pack – $1.00 to $1.20 per piece. However, if you purchase a 100-piece bucket of chicken pieces, your cost can be as low as $0.60 ($59.95 per bucket). In some cases, you may be fortunate enough to come across a deli special on fried chicken pieces, which could reduce your end cost even more.

Cutting the Cost on Walmart Chicken Prices
When it comes to purchasing food, many people tend to forget that they can save a lot of money by collaborating with friends, family or even neighbors. For example, you may only need 20 chicken pieces for your family’s dinner tonight and a few extra for packed lunches tomorrow, but your neighbors on each side of you may also be happy to share the cost of a bucket of 100 pieces with you because it will enable everyone to pay lower Walmart fried chicken prices. Before purchasing your fried chicken pieces, it may be a good idea to find out from co-workers or anyone else close to you if they would like to enjoy a reduced-cost meal for dinner or even a lazy lunch over the weekend.

Walmart fried chicken prices need not make a dent in your grocery budget. In fact, with a little careful planning and collaboration, you can reduce the cost of your fried chicken meal substantially. Leftover pieces should always be refrigerated to ensure that they stay fresh enough for tomorrow’s lunch.

3 responses to “How Good Are Current Walmart Fried Chicken Prices?”

  1. Heather Smith says:

    It’s so true about collaborating with friends! I eat with a group of friends once a week and we all split the cost–this makes a big difference if you’re trying to save money when you eat, especially that fried chicken!

  2. Sheila Ledford says:

    Don’t buy their fried chicken. I ordered 100 pieces for a surprise party and I was the one that got surprised when I opened the boxes of chicken as the guest started to arrive, it was all over cooked and I didn’t have time to return it. The person that cooked and boxed the chicken should be fired, right after they fix a box for the owners. I would love to see them try to eat that mess. I paid a lot of money for chicken that people couldn’t eat and I had to bring most of it home. Most of what people tried to eat went in the trash. My guest were disappointed and I was embarrassed. I will NEVER order chicken for a special occasion again and neither will my friends.

  3. mary ann almeida says:

    they have a pick 3 any u want for 12.89 well i wanted just the same no different u pay same price why cant u have same the lady threw a conniption fit was so rude even customer next to me was shocked i always at the morehead store but i am amazed how rude this woman GOT i did not want 3 diffrent kinds of chicken i wanted all the same but i guess she did not want to have to cook more cause 1 bucket takes up most of same kind since when does walmart keep people that dont feel the yhave to be nice to customers and work

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