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How Much Does an Eye Exam Cost at Walmart

Our vision is something that needs to be treated with utmost levels of respect at all times. The best way to ensure that our eyesight is as good as it can be is to have regular eye exams. With the cost of healthcare rising so much each year, more and more people are asking, “How much will a Walmart eye exam cost me to have performed?”

Scheduling an Appointment
The next most commonly asked question after “What will a Walmart eye exam cost me?” is usually, “Do I need to schedule an appointment for an eye exam at Walmart?” Although it is not strictly necessary to schedule appointments for this service, it is usually recommended that you do so, because some branches do not have an optician on duty every day of the week. As a result, you may arrive at the branch, only to find that you have to come back again when the optometrist is available. Most shoppers simply call their local branch ahead of time to ensure that they can be accommodated upon arrival.

What to Expect with your Walmart Eye Exam Cost
If you already wear glasses or contact lenses, you will need to bring them along so that the optician can see what prescription you currently have. In most cases, you can expect the examination and fitting process to take less than an hour. Once the optician has examined your eyes, he or she will provide you with a prescription for contact lenses or glasses if required. Although these items can usually be purchased online as well, the Walmart eye exam cost and prescription will usually be substantially lower than those of many other places. However, your Walmart eye exam cost will usually range between the $50 and $90 mark. Contact lens wearers will normally pay a slightly higher price.

Price Chart

• The standard eye exam fee costs $50 (plus taxes).

• A contact exam ranges from $70-$90 (plus taxes). The price depends on the strength of your prescription.

So if you’re looking to have both glasses and contacts you’ll need to pay BOTH sets of fees.

Additional Costs
As with any form of medical care, obtaining a pair of glasses or contact lenses will normally cost money and Walmart eye exam prices usually do not include these items. Some Walmart branches advertise frames for glasses from as little as $18 a set, while the more expensive ones can range over the $100 mark. Prices of the lenses will vary depending on the type of lens and the coating that is required on them. Polycarbonate lenses that are glare-resistant, scratch-resistant and that offer ultraviolet protection usually run between $110 and $120 each, while boxes of contact lenses will range between $22 and $68 each, with users requiring a box for each eye.

With a little careful planning, your Walmart eye exam cost need not break the bank. This is especially true if you are able to obtain discount coupons beforehand, as this can help reduce your costs substantially. These days, most Walmart branches will be able to assist you with optical services and will also be willing to offer you the most affordable options possible, especially if you do not have any form of medical insurance.

You can also test your vision at home with this handy eye chart

6 responses to “How Much Does an Eye Exam Cost at Walmart”

  1. ewriterdan says:

    This article has proved useful as I am beginning to understand the significance of maintaining what eye-sight I have left. Needless to say, the rising costs of receiving regular checks on my eyes have been a deterrent, although, with everything considered I believe that the cost is more than justified. Thank you for the information!

  2. jawilkinson88 says:

    As my vision progressively deteriorates, I’ve found myself in a ‘slight’ panic over ensuring that I do get regular checkups on my eyes. It’s never been something that I’ve really concerned myself with, however, it has become an ever-growing issue as I can no longer drive without the aid of my glasses, which have a prescription that doesn’t do all that much good I’m afraid. Will be looking into potentially getting contact lenses, but we’ll have to see just how much they cost given that I’ll be using them fairly often.

  3. Hannah Newberry says:

    I’ve been looking at getting contacts for a while now since my eye sight has gotten worse. This looks like a good option that is cost effective. But glasses are cheaper, so I’m not sold yet on either one. But this article did help me learn more about both of them. Thanks for this great information!

  4. do they accept insurance says:

    Sounds good do they accept insurance

  5. Chelsey says:

    I went in a few days ago. I was a walk-in, but they had 2 optometrists working so they said it wouldn’t be a long wait. Cut to an hour and a half later, still waiting, I decided to leave. Cost was going to be $65.00 for eyeglasses exam (no insurance).

  6. Judy Marshall says:

    can I use my walmart credit card to pay for eye exam and frames and lenses?

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