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How Convenient Are the Walmart Check Cashing Hours?

These days, many companies still pay their employees by check, while other sources such as the IRS, government sources, insurance companies, retirement disbursement companies and many more still provide checks as their only form of payment to clients. As a result, more people than ever are eager to find out what the standard Walmart check cashing hours are and whether they will be convenient for them or not.

Times May Sometimes Vary
It has been reported that some stores are only able to provide Walmart check cashing hours between 7AM and 9PM each day, while other stores are able to provide this service throughout the time that they are open – 24 hours a day in the case of some store locations. One of the best ways for a customer to determine what the hours are for cashing checks is to give his or her local branch a call to determine what its particular Walmart check cashing hours are. It is also important to remember that some stores may not be able to provide the service on Sundays or public holidays for various reasons.

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Cashing Checks at Walmart
After determining what a customer’s local Walmart check cashing hours are, he or she may be asked to provide some form of identification before the check will be processed by a cashier. This is to help prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place and it also helps ensure that only the person whom the check belongs to will be able to cash it. Customers can receive their cash immediately after the request has been processed and in most cases, a nominal fee of between $3 and $6 will be charged for the service. However, customers who opt to have their payout loaded on to a Walmart Money Card will not normally have to pay the above mentioned processing fee.

Quick and Simple
In order to have checks cashed at Walmart, customers can approach any of the many cashiers who are usually on duty. However, in some cases, such as early morning, it may take a little while longer to process the request, as not all of the cashiers will have sufficient amount of cash on hand – especially if the check is for a large amount. However, Walmart will do everything possible to assist customers in this case to ensure that they can receive their cash as quickly and conveniently as possible. It is also important for customers to remember that there may also be limitations with regards to the actual amount of the check that can be cashed at any time.

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Customers may find that checks up to a maximum of $5,000 can be cashed between the months of May to December, while the amount increases to $7,500 between January and April. However, some stores may have different policies in this regard, so it is recommended to inquire beforehand. Customers can look forward to enjoying a relatively fast check cashing service when visiting Walmart – as long as they follow the above mentioned advice.

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