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How Affordable are the Walmart Catering Prices These Days?

When planning events such as weddings, birthday parties, sporting events and other functions, most people rely on some form of catering in order to feed everyone who will be attending. As a result, many of them look around to see if they can find out what the current Walmart catering prices are going to be. In most cases, they are a lot more affordable than most event organizers realize.

A Wide Range of Options
Unlike many other menus that offer limited options for catered food, Walmart offers an extensive variety of snack trays, platters and other food options. This enables everyone to plan the right meals for each of the events that they will be organizing. At present, the Walmart catering prices range from around $18 to just under $50 per snack platter, depending on what type of platter the customer would like. The amount charged will also depend on the size of the snack trays or platters that are going to be ordered. In cases where larger than average orders are going to be placed, it may sometimes be possible to negotiate better prices, but this will be at discretion of deli management.

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Placing Orders
Customers who are interested in Walmart catering prices will also be pleased to know that there is a Walmart catering menu available at most Walmart branches. In cases where a menu is not freely available, it may have to be requested from the employees who are working in the deli department. If small orders are being placed, it is normally recommended that they be requested 24 hours in advance. Orders that are larger or that consist of several different snack platters may need to be placed a few days in advance in order to avoid disappointment. Customers will however need to confirm time frames with their local Walmart deli.

Available Food Options
In most cases, customers who are inquiring about Walmart catering prices will be able to choose from a good variety of food options on their platters. These include but may not be limited to cheese tasters, meat platters, meat and cheese combos, meat and cheese pinwheels, basic sandwich platters, slider trays (meat and cheese on Hawaiian rolls), shrimp cocktail trays, veggie platters, flavored wing varieties, sub sandwiches and chicken trio platters. This ensures that there is a large enough variety to suit almost everyone’s palates and wallets. It also means that virtually any type of casual or more formal event can be catered for at prices that are highly affordable.

As you can see, Walmart catering prices have become one of the most affordable options over the years – especially for people who would like to feed a crowd, but who cannot afford the higher prices of private catering companies. It is important for customers to ensure that their chosen platters or snack trays can be prepared at their local branch of Walmart before trying to place orders, as not all options may be available at all Walmart stores.

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