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How Much Will Walmart Battery Replacement Cost?

Numerous items from toys to ride-on mowers to vehicles all rely on battery power in order to operate. Although it often seems like the prices of these essential commodities goes up each time new stock arrives in the stores, it is still possible to get Walmart battery replacement performed at excellent prices – regardless of the type or quantity of batteries you may need.

Type of Batteries Purchased

It’s important to remember that the main factor which will affect your Walmart battery replacement cost will be the type of battery that you need to purchase. For example, if you need to change the batteries in your child’s favorite light-up toy, you will pay substantially less than if you have to purchase a battery for your SUV or even ride-on mower. Different bands of batteries will also cost different prices; however, these days there is very little difference in the quality of alkaline batteries or even lithium batteries from different manufacturers. As a result, you can usually purchase the cheaper alkaline or lithium option and be rewarded with a similar level of quality.

Purchasing Batteries in Bulk

When considering Walmart battery replacement, you will notice that the store’s ranges of AA, AAA, 9v and other batteries for electronic items are available in numerous pack size options. In most cases, the larger packs will be the more cost-effective options, especially if there are 10 or more batteries in the pack. There are times when Walmart runs great special offers on the smaller battery packs as well, so it is recommended that you calculate the individual cost of each battery in a pack to determine which pack size will be the cheapest option. You may sometimes find that a 4-pack of batteries works out cheaper than the 10-pack alternative.

Average Walmart Battery Replacement Cost

At present, a dual pack of 24 AA and 24 AAA Duracell batteries is retailing for $19.99 which brings the cost of these to less than $0.50 each. Depending on the make, model and size of vehicle you own, you can expect to pay anywhere between $45 and $180 for a replacement battery for it. However, if you are fortunate enough to obtain discount coupons or make use of an in-store special or promotional offer, you can sometime receive a good discount on these prices. If you need to find more accurate pricing for your replacement batteries, it is recommended that you give your local Walmart branch a call to confirm beforehand.

In many cases, vehicle owners will be able to have Walmart battery replacement performed at their nearest branch. Services like these may sometimes incur additional costs, so it is essential to find out beforehand what is included in the price of your vehicle battery. Once you have had the battery replaced in your vehicle, it is essential to keep your proof of purchase, as this will serve as your warranty if the battery should go faulty.

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