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What is the Walmart 4 Dollar List?

As a result of being unemployed or simply not earning enough money, many people cannot afford to purchase health care insurance or pay for their prescription medications if they need them. This is just one reason why the Walmart 4 dollar list prescriptions have become so popular over the past few years. Many patients have been able to obtain their much needed prescriptions at vastly discounted prices thanks to this generic $4 list.

Wide Range of Discounted Prescription Medications
Patients who read through the Walmart $4 list are often pleased to find that many of their prescription items appear on it. There are numerous items available for other conditions such as colds and flu, diabetes, asthma, heart health, blood pressure, eye care, gastrointestinal issues, men’s health conditions, skin conditions, virus treatments, health supplements for women and much more. This enables thousands of patients to obtain affordable access to the very medication that is essential for them to survive each month.

Different Dosages Available
In addition to there being a very wide range of medications and health care supplements on the Walmart 4 dollar list, many of the items in question are available in different dosages as well. For example, Warfarin is available in many different dosages, and all of these options have been made available on the Walmart 4 dollar list. The $4 price for medications on this list are usually to cover the cost of a 30 day supply – in some cases, the medications may be able to be obtained in 90 day supplies, but when this occurs, the cost of the medication will usually be $10. Patients who are not sure of the final cost of their prescription can ask their pharmacist, who will be happy to assist them.

Terms and Conditions May Apply
As with any other type of special offer or discount campaign, it is important for patients to remember that there may sometimes be a range of terms and conditions that apply when using the Walmart 4 dollar list program. In most cases, refills will need to be collected in-store and no substitutions will be made on most products. There may be instances where some medication prices are higher in different states; however, this will be clearly stipulated at each Walmart pharmacy. Medications will also only be supplied in their original containers or packaging. Although there are many prescription medications in this list, there are a few of the most popular over the counter options as well.

An added advantage of the Walmart 4 dollar list program is that no membership is required to use it, and patients can opt to receive reminders when the time comes to have their prescriptions refilled as well. There may be some medication options that can be delivered to a patient’s home as well, which will save the ma tremendous amount of time and effort each month. Patients can inquire at their local Walmart pharmacy regarding which medications will qualify for this.

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