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How Much Does an Oil Change Cost at Walmart

Owning and maintaining a vehicle is an expensive business these days, especially when scheduled service times roll around. One of the easiest ways to help reduce these costs is to shop around for better service and oil change pricing. In many cases, you can expect the Walmart oil change cost to be quite a bit lower than that of some competitor stores and auto shops.

Type of Oil Change Required
One of the main factors that will affect your Walmart oil change cost will be the type of oil change service you require. If you have a smaller vehicle that uses fewer pints of oil, you can usually expect to pay the standard quoted prices at your local Walmart. However, if you have a larger SUV or pickup truck, you will be required to pay in a little extra for the additional pints of oil required to top up the engine to the correct level. If additional work is required at the time of the oil change, you will also be billed additionally for it.

Determining Which Oil Change Option is Best
At present, there are four different pricing and service options when booking your vehicle in for an oil change at Walmart. If you opt for the Pit Crew option, your Walmart oil change prices will be in the region of $26.88, with your Walmart oil change cost rising to as much as $49.88 for the all-inclusive Power and Performance service option. In addition to the basic oil change, this option includes a full lube and vehicle inspection service, meaning that your vehicle should be completely roadworthy by the time the service has been completed. The Pit Crew Oil Change option includes oil, an oil filter, a battery performance check and a tire pressure check and adjustment.

Other Available Options
Another two options on offer are the Standard Oil Change and the High Mileage Oil Change. At present, the Walmart oil change cost for these options are $31.88 and $39.88 respectively. The standard option includes up to five quarts of oil, an oil filter and chassis lubrication and the high mileage option includes a high mileage or synthetic oil (up to 5 quarts as well), chassis lubrication and a host of other services as well. These include but may not be limited to checking battery performance, the air filter, transmission fluid levels, headlights, wiper blades, differential fluid levels, transmission and washer fluid levels, power steering fluid levels. An interior vacuum is also included.

In some cases, it may be possible to reduce your Walmart oil change cost by using discount coupons. However, you may need to call ahead to ensure that your Walmart branch is accepting coupons. It is also important to check the coupon to ensure that it is still valid and that you do not need to make any additional purchases in order to qualify for the discount. You may be fortunate enough to save as much as 50% on the cost of your next oil change.

Article: Oil Change Cost at Walmart

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  1. Hannah Newberry says:

    I recently purchased a new car, and have never had to do my own oil change. This was very helpful since I have to change the oil soon, and I knew nothing about changing oil at all. Plus these options are inexpensive and seem like they are good quality. Thank you for this awesome information!

  2. Heather Smith says:

    I’m all about saving money! Especially when it comes to my car. When I see “save as much as 50% on the cost of your next oil change” I’m so there! Thanks for the info.

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