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Is A Walmart Synthetic Oil Change Good Value for Money?

Regardless of the age of their vehicles, many car owners are under the impression that they have to ensure that they have their vehicle’s serving and oil changes performed at the dealerships themselves. However, once a vehicle is no longer under warranty, this is not the case, as it can become quite expensive to do so. As a result, more and more vehicle owners are considering the option of having a Walmart synthetic oil change performed instead.

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Save a Lot of Money
Not all vehicle owners are aware of the fact that they do not have to only use a vehicle dealership’s auto shops in order to have servicing, oil changes and other forms of maintenance performed. In fact, having a Walmart synthetic oil change performed each time it is due to be done can end up saving vehicle owners hundreds of dollars over the course of a few years. Although the choices of brands of oil may be somewhat limited at Walmart, most vehicle owners will find at least one or two different brands that will be good matches for their vehicles.

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Save Time when Shopping
Another advantage of having a Walmart synthetic oil change performed is the fact that vehicle owners can leave their vehicles at the auto shop section of Walmart while they go out to do the rest of their shopping elsewhere in the store. In cases where there are pharmacies or optometrists inside the Walmart branch, they can even attend to these needs and collect their vehicles afterwards. In many cases, a basic service and a Walmart synthetic oil change will not normally take longer than about 45 minutes to an hour to perform properly, so vehicle owners can rest assured that their cars will be ready and waiting for them by the time their errand runs have been completed.

Drive with Confidence
Although many vehicle owners may think that the quality of service and products at Walmart is inferior, this is not the case. When having a Walmart synthetic oil change performed, vehicles owners can rest assured that their cars are in the best possible hands while having this essential service carried out. It is strongly recommended that vehicle owners have a Walmart synthetic oil change performed on their cars, trucks or SUVs as often as is recommended by the specific vehicle manufacturers, as this will help ensure that the vehicles are able to provide them with as many miles of driving pleasure and convenience as possible.

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Vehicle owners who are unsure about what type of oil to use in their vehicle’s engines should ensure that they refer to the owner’s manuals for further advice. In many cases, the technician performing the Walmart synthetic oil change will be able to provide information pertaining to the type and brand of oil that will work in a particular engine. Vehicles under warranty should always have the correct type of oil used in order to keep it validated.

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