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How Much Is Vyvanse At Walmart?

Like Adderall, Vyvanse is also an extremely popular prescription medication that is used to treat patients who suffer from any form of ADHD – provided that they are over the age of 6 years. It is unfortunately also one of the more expensive medications that are prescribed for this particular health condition, which is why so many patients want to know what their Vyvanse cost at Walmart would be. There are some factors that could affect the final price.

Size of Dosage Needed
Many prescription medications are available in a range of dosage sizes to suit patients of different ages who may also be in different weight categories. In many cases though, the larger doses of Vyvanse may even cost the same as the smaller dose sizes. However, most doses of this medication are supplied in the form of capsules, meaning that they cannot be divided like tablets that have score marks on them. As a result, patients will not be able to reduce the Vyvanse cost at Walmart by splitting dosages. In most cases, doctors or healthcare providers will start a patient off on the lowest dosage possible and only move up to higher doses if the lower dosages are not proving to be effective.

Calculating the Average Vyvanse Cost at Walmart
Patients who decide to purchase their prescription Vyvanse t Walmart will find that the cost of this medication can vary from around $200 to $600 a month, depending on the dose and amount of tablets that need to be taken each month – some patients require it once a day, while others may need to use it 3 times daily. This medication is a far bit more costly than Adderall, and as a result, many doctors will only prescribe Vyvanse if Adderall is found to be ineffective or if a patient experiences unpleasant side effects or any allergic reactions to the Adderall.

Reducing the Vyvanse Cost at Walmart
In cases where patients do not have any form of health care insurance, they will normally look for as many ways as possible to reduce the cost of this expensive medication. While discount coupons and special offers can help reduce the cost somewhat, dedicated prescription cards are often a lot more effective in that they help patients save as much as 80% off the cost of their monthly prescription for Vyvanse. An added advantage of using prescription cards to help reduce the Vyvanse cost at Walmart is that, unlike coupons, they tend to be valid for as long as the patient needs to be taking the prescription medication.

Finding discount coupons, special offers or prescription cards is a relatively quick and easy process. Once patients have found the right ones, they can look forward to being able to save a lot of money on their Vyvanse cost at Walmart every month. It is recommended that patients call ahead to ensure that their local branch of Walmart will be willing to accept their particular prescription card, as this will save a lot of inconvenience.