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How Much Is Crestor at Walmart?

Crestor is a prescription medication that falls under the category of statin drugs. In other words, it is prescribed to patients who are at a higher risk of experiencing a heart attack due to any number of reasons. Because this drug has become a valuable item in the pharmaceutical industry, the price of it is usually quite high. As a result, many patients want to find out what the Crestor cost at Walmart would be.

A Fairly Expensive Drug
As with a number of other prescription drugs, Crestor is quite an expensive medication; especially for patients who are not able to afford the high cost of health insurance each month. However, there may sometimes be cases where patients will be able to obtain a lower Crestor cost at Walmart. In many instances, Walmart is able to offer drug prices that are slightly lower than those advertised by other pharmacy chains. However, patients will need to make their own inquiries when it comes to shopping around for the best possible prices each time they have to have their prescriptions filled out. Crestor prices can vary between $0.85 to more than $6 per tablet.

Price May be Dosage Dependent
Another important factor that will affect a patient’s Crestor cost at Walmart will be the size of the dosage that needs to be taken each day. The Crestor tablets are available in 4 different size dosage options of 5mg, 10mg, 20mg and 40mg and patients are required to take a single tablet each day, regardless of the dose that has been prescribed for them by their doctor or other healthcare provider. As these are coated tablets, patients may not opt to purchase a higher dosage and break the tablets, because this will affect the rate at which the medication is absorbed into their bodies. Breaking these tablets can also cause the stomach liming to become irritated.

Reducing the Cost of Crestor
Patients who are actively looking for ways to reduce the Crestor cost at Walmart when having their prescriptions filled out can often do so by making use of prescription discount cards. In many cases, prescription cards can enable a patient to save up to 80% off the cost of their much needed medication each month, and some of the prescription cards will be able to be used for as long as the patient needs to be taking the medication in question. Many patients think that they will have to put a lot of time and effort into finding the prescription cards they need, but this is not the case. Using the internet to search for them will normally take a few minutes at the most.

The easiest way for patients to find the right prescription cards for their medication is to perform a quick online search. If they are not able to find anything suitable, they may need to speak with their doctor or healthcare provider, as many medical practices have prescription cards available especially for patients who cannot afford to pay the full price of their prescriptions each month.