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How Much Is Adderall at Walmart?

Over the past few years, Adderall has become an extremely popular prescription medication for the treatment of Attention Hyperactivity Deficit Disorder (ADHD). It gets to work relatively quickly and patients usually don’t experience many side effects, provided that they stick to the doses that have been prescribed by their doctors. Many parents are eager to find out what the Adderall cost at Walmart is because this medication can be quite expensive.

Price May Depend on Dosage
When it comes to determining the Adderall cost at Walmart, patients will need to remember that, as with most forms of prescription medications, the price will normally depend on the dosage that has been prescribed. However, there may be cases where all of the different dosages of a medication will cost the same price. In the case of Adderall tablets, it may be possible for patients to ask their doctor to prescribe the higher dosage and divide the tablet into 2 or 4 segments, depending on the dose they will need to be taking each day. This could effectively halve or even quarter the cost of their prescription each month. However, the capsules will not be able to be divided.

Determining the Adderall Cost at Walmart
Patients who get their prescriptions refilled at Walmart each month will normally find themselves paying anywhere between $142 and $421 per month; depending on the amount of tablets they need to take each day. Some patients are fine with taking Adderall just once a day, whereas others may need to take it up to 3 times a day to obtain the best results. This can be a tremendous expense for the average family to cover, especially if they are already in a position where they cannot afford to pay health insurance premiums each month. However, there may be ways for families to reduce their Adderall cost at Walmart every month.

Discount Offers and Prescription Cards
One of the easiest and most popular ways for patients to reduce their Adderall cost at Walmart is to make use of medication prescription discount cards. Unlike regular coupons or deals, prescription cards can often be used repeatedly until a patient no longer needs to be on the medication in question, meaning that why will no longer have to look for various ways to save money on their prescriptions every months. It is important for patients to remember though, that they will need to present their pharmacy prescription card each time they have their scripts refilled, and it is recommended that they call ahead of time to confirm that their card will be accepted at Walmart.

These days, patients can simply spend a few minutes searching online to find the best prescription cards that will suit their needs. This can help them save a substantial amount of money each month, even if they deem the initial Adderall cost at Walmart to be relatively affordable. If patients cannot find suitable cards online, it is recommended that they speak with their doctor or healthcare provider, as they may be able to help.