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How Does Walmart Check Cashing Work?

Many companies still pay their employees by means of checks and numerous people receive checks from other sources each year as well. While it is possible for many banks to cash these checks, not everyone is able to get to a bank during their opening hours. As a result, there are Walmart check cashing facilities available at all Walmart branches these days. The Walmart check cashing system is quite quick and easy to understand.

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No Registration Required
The Walmart check cashing system does not require customers to register before being able to use the service. In fact, customers are normally able to get their cash immediately as well. Customers are able to cash checks of virtually any amount up to $5,000 (some branches may have facilities for checks of higher values) and the check cashing administration and reloading fees are also extremely affordable. Customers who cash checks up to a value of $1,000 will pay a maximum of $3, while checks of values from $1,001 up to $5,000 (or more in some cases) will pay a maximum of $6. However, if customers have the check value loaded on to a Walmart MoneyCard, these fees will be waived.

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Types of Checks That Can Be Cashed at Walmart
Unlike many other places, the Walmart check cashing policy states that virtually any type of check can be cashed at any branch of Walmart. This means that customers can cash payroll checks, government checks, cashiers’ checks, settlement checks from insurance companies, 401 (k) retirement checks, tax checks and even MoneyGram money orders that were originally purchased at Walmart can all be cashed at Walmart branches. This means that customers will no longer have to rush around trying to find a bank branch to cash a check, as this service can be provided by all of the checkout lanes at Walmart stores. Limits for check cashing vary between $5,000 and $7,500, depending on the time of year – larger checks can be cashed between January and April.

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In most cases, the Walmart check cashing policy makes life a lot more convenient for regular shoppers and it is normally also one of the most affordable ways for them to obtain access to money that has been paid to them by check. It is important for customers to remember though, that in most cases, they may be required to provide some form of identification when cashing their checks at Walmart.

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