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What to Expect with Walmart Chicken Prices

Feeding a family is an expensive exercise these days, especially when you have to factor in the continually rising cost of meat and chicken prices. However, when it comes to preparing wholesome and affordable meals, you usually cannot go wrong when comparing Walmart chicken prices with those of other retailers. It’s also important to know that Walmart chicken prices may differ from state to state.

Determine the Type of Chicken you need
One of the main factors that will affect your Walmart chicken prices will be the type of chicken you need to buy. For example, virtually everyone enjoys the drumsticks, wings and boneless breasts. As a result, these three types of chicken will usually be a fair bit more expensive that a whole bird or ground chicken. There are also different brands of chicken on the market, and each of them will normally be different prices as well. However, if you are willing to put in a little extra effort when preparing your family’s chicken meals, you will be pleased to know that in most cases, whole birds are better priced than their portioned counterparts and therefore offer the most value for money.

Wait for Sales
If you are in the habit of stocking up on groceries when prices are low, you can often enjoy substantially lower Walmart chicken prices as a result. Some shoppers have reported that when specials and promotions are available, they are able to obtain whole chickens for as little as $0.89/lb. while chicken breasts and ground chicken can sometimes be purchased at around $2 to $2.50/lb. If you are shopping the sales, it is important to check the expiry dates and use-by dates, as chicken can go bad very quickly. However, if you pack it in a cooler box and package and freeze it as soon as possible after arriving home, the chances of this occurring are quite rare.

Calculating the Average Walmart Chicken Prices
At present, you can expect to pay anywhere between $3 and $4/lb. for regular boneless skinless breast portions and as much as $8 to $9/lb. for the organic version. Whole birds can range anywhere from $2.50 for regular to more than $7/lb. for organic. Chicken wings and drumsticks will usually cost around $3/lb. for regular and anywhere up to $5/lb. for organic and ground chicken will usually be anywhere from $3 for regular to around $5/lb. for organic chicken. While some people claim that they do not notice any difference in the taste of the organic chicken, others feel that this is a healthier option to feed their families.

Although organic chicken is also antibiotic free, its often prohibitive pricing structure still places it well out of reach of the average family’s food budget. However, in some cases, Walmart chicken prices can be great on the organic versions as well, especially if sales are being run. At the end of the day, consuming chicken is still a far healthier and more affordable option than beef or mutton.

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