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Is a Dedicated Walmart Catering Menu Available at All Times?

Planning event of any sort can be stressful, especially when trying to ensure that there is going to be enough food available for all of the guests. However, in most cases, they can take a look at a Walmart catering menu and place orders with their local Walmart deli counters, as this will not only take the stress out of planning the event; it will also ensure that there is more than enough food for everyone to eat and enjoy.

May be Location Dependent
There may be rare instances where a particular branch of Walmart does not have the same Walmart catering menu as the rest of the branches. However, most of them will normally have a basic catering menu available, which can often be customized to suit an event organizer’s needs. Customers who are going to order basic items off the menu will usually receive their orders a lot quicker than those who want to place custom orders. Walmart stores that are located in larger cities or areas may also have catering menus that have a lot more variety than those that are in smaller cities.

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Order in Advance
After inquiring whether their local store has a dedicated Walmart catering menu, it is important for event organizers to make sure that they place their orders well in advance, especially if they are placing custom orders or orders that are larger than average. This will help ensure that the order is freshly prepared and is ready on time for the event in question. 24 hours’ notice is usually required for the basic platter orders; however, in cases where orders of more than 3-4 platter are needed or where custom platters are required, it is recommended that event organizers speak with Walmart’s deli employees to confirm how much time will be needed for preparation.

Wide Range of Snack Options Available
When looking through the Walmart catering menu, customers will be pleased to note that there are quite a few different options available if they are ordering snack platters or trays. Customers will be able to choose from all-meat, chicken wings, chicken trios, cheese platters, sandwich trays, veggie snack trays, shrimp platters and many more, ensuring that everyone’s palates will be completely satisfied. This also ensures that people with food allergies can be catered for. In cases where event organizers know that some of their guests have specific food allergies, it is recommended that they advise the Walmart deli employees at the time of placing their orders.

At present, the Walmart catering menu provides some of the most affordable options for anyone who would like to provide snacks for small or large events at home or the office. The wide variety of options mentioned above are normally available at prices of between $35 and $50 per tray, depending on the size of the tray ordered and the items that are required on the trays. Meat or cheese trays may be a little more costly than veggie or sandwich trays.

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