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How to Deal with Rising Walmart Meat Prices

When shopping these days, many people are noticing that Walmart meat prices seem to be climbing steadily each week. While many shoppers simply abandon the idea of purchasing meat products in cases like these, others are learning how to be savvier when it comes to getting discounted products and in turn, making their grocery budget stretch a little further.

Learn to Shop the Sales
Purchasing meat on sale is usually one of the easiest ways to help stretch your grocery budget. Each week, you will notice that Walmart meat prices will differ according to what is on sale and whether or not coupons for meat products are available. If you do not purchase the Sunday newspapers, you can still access the Walmart flyers online, where you will be able to see which Walmart meat prices have been reduced. When a cut of meat has been reduced in price, it is also a good idea to stock up on it, so that you can save as much money as possible. Many people report that they enjoy substantial savings when purchasing a few weeks’ worth of meat when the prices are low.

Purchase Cheaper Cuts of Meat
Although everyone enjoys a thick, juicy steak, this is usually one of the most expensive cuts of meat to purchase. If you have a family that insists on having meat every day, you may have to satisfy their carnivorous cravings with cheaper cuts of beef such as ground beef, chuck and stew cuts instead. Many people do not want to purchase these meat cuts because they are a little on the chewy side. However, this can be easily remedied if they are cooked in a slow cooker or crock pot, as the additional cooking time helps them become soft and tender. In most cases, Walmart meat prices on these particular cuts are highly affordable.

Inquire about Markdowns
Most Walmart meat prices will be reduced after the meat has been in the store for more than a few days, and while many people think that it is only marked down because it has gone bad, this is not the case. Most meat products actually taste better after being refrigerated for a few days. The next time you go shopping at Walmart, make inquiries at the butchery department as to which days and times the unsold meat products are placed out for sale. Some shoppers have reported savings of up to 75% on Walmart meat prices simply by purchasing the slightly older packages of meat.

As you can see, rising Walmart meat prices do not mean that you have to go without in order to fall within your grocery budget. Planning ahead and making a few inquiries can enable you to still enjoy your meaty meals, but at a fraction of what they would have originally cost. Most Walmart butchery departments will also be willing to go the extra mile and divide larger cuts of meat into smaller portions upon request.

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