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Are Walmart Return Hours the Same as the Store Operating Hours?

Each day, thousands of purchases are made by shoppers at Walmart branches across the country. While most of the customers are completely satisfied with the items they have bought, others may need to return all or part of their purchases for various reasons. Customers who prefer to return items directly to their local Walmart branches will need to know what the Walmart customer service hours are in order to successfully complete the transaction.

Walmart Return Procedure
Before knowing what the Walmart return hours are, customers need to be made aware of the fact that they will require an Easy Returns Receipt before being able to return any items to their local store. Once this is printed, they can gather the item(s) they would like to return and head to the returns desk. The main advantages of using this return method is that customers will receive a refund or be able to perform an exchange immediately in-store and they will not have to pay any shipping charges on their returns – unlike returns that may have to be shipped back to the store.

Determining Walmart Return Hours
Walmart return hours will depend on the store’s actual operating hours. For example, if the store opens from 9am to midnight, the customer service desk will generally be open during these hours. Stores that are open 24 hours a day may or may not have customer service representatives available at all hours. In most cases, this will depend largely on whether there are available employees during the quieter periods or not. Customers who are not sure whether their local Walmart’s returns desk will be open at a particular time should call ahead to confirm if they are not able to ship their returns to the closest store for any reason.

Terms and Conditions May Apply
Before attempting to return any items, it is strongly recommended that customers check Walmart’s website, as there may be limitations or exclusions with certain product lines. For example, some electronic items and laptops have to be returned to the store within 15 days to qualify for an exchange or refund, while other items such as gardening equipment or other merchandise may be returned up to 90 days after being purchased – provided that it is either unused or damaged as a result of a manufacturing fault. If customers are unsure of the timeframe in which certain types of products need to be returned, they can refer to the returns section on Walmart’s website.

During busier periods such as holiday weekends or the festive season, Walmart return hours may be extended substantially. This will enable shoppers to ensure that they are completely satisfied with their purchases and that they have enough time to make any necessary exchanges – especially if the items that are being returned or exchanged are going to be special gifts for friends or loved ones.

One response to “Are Walmart Return Hours the Same as the Store Operating Hours?”

  1. haley says:

    Last night was the night before thanksgiving and we found out we weren’t going to be able to spend it with our family like we do every year. I was upset and frustrated my three year old son wasn’t going to be able to have a thanksgiving dinner because I didn’t plan or save the money. Well I had just recently purchased thirty dollar conditioner from your store because I have some issues with my hair and feel it needs good product. So trying to figure out what to do the only solution at the time was to return it. I thought I had the right receipt but it wasn’t and my i.d. was expired so I went home to hopefully get the right receipt and my valid I.d. I could not find the receipt but did find my I.d. I didn’t know that customer services wasn’t open 24 hours and was very upset when I returned and was told I couldn’t do anything till morning. I walked around the store a little and got on my phone and looked up Wal-Mart return policy I saw this sight and read about the stores that are opened 24 hours. So I walked up to a man who’s tag said asst. Manager. And told him about this sight and my frustration and I was so shocked that he agreed to let the girl that works there, but was on her lunch brake do it when she returned. I was so happy I went and got our thirty dollar thanksgiving feast, waited for the women to return. As I was talking to her another women walked up and said no that can’t be done, I explained how I was told I could and how I had been waiting and shopping the last hour and a half. She didn’t care, I told her I was there earlier that day and they were going to return it but I had my expired I.d. only. She said that they wouldn’t have and got on her radio and went and found that man. she came back and told me no they wouldn’t do it, that he didn’t know it was thirty dollars. I was crying and asked to speak to her manager and she told me he is the manager. I said ok went and found him and he told me please wait here. Then returned and told me ok she will do it and waited tell the process went through. He had no idea what I was going through that I had lost my mom dad grandma and best friend within the last couple years and how hard thanksgivings are for me or how hard I was struggling to give my son a thanksgiving. Or that I was hungry, emotional and pregnant. He was simply being a good manager in my eyes. I spend a lot of money at Wal-Mart and will continue because of Asst. Managers like him. I wish I knew his name. He works at the Yuba city Wal-Mart at night as the asst. Manager. So happy thanksgiving!

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