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Wal-Mart boasts of cheaper prices and diverse selections of products. By popping into their stores, it is possible to have an eye examination, fill up your medical prescription, purchase tires for your vehicles, and buy some food and clothing for the whole family, all at insanely low prices!
What you might not know is that you can save even more money from these sales. All you have to do is learn how to beat the system. In our conversations that follow, we are going to examine 30 of the most amazing ways to make the most of any of you Wal-Mart shopping trip.

#1: Download the Paribus App to receive money back on your purchases
Download the Paribus app to let you keep track of your Wal-Mart purchases and a bunch of other retailers. You will receive notifications via e-mail and be able to scan your receipts. These will enable you to ascertain the amounts for which you paid the products were the lowest you could. In the app determines than another outlet is selling the same commodity at a lower price, it shall refund you the difference.

#2: Wal-Mart Sales Tags

On the whole, Wal-Mart is quite sneaky with its markdown system. It is, therefore, necessary to know how the system works to be able to get the best deal at any given time. As a general rule, those prices that end in ‘7’ are the original prices whereas those that end in ‘5’ are the first markdown. Those that end in ‘1’ are the final markdowns. For instance, a product marked $49.97 is the original price. When marked down for the first time, it becomes $39.95 while its final markdown will stand at $29.91.

#3: Always compare the in-store and online prices before purchases
To be guaranteed the least amounts of money at any given time, it is necessary to compare the prices of the different outlets both online and offline before purchases. Wal-Mart normally makes deliberate steps to match the prices of the online and the stores all the time.

#4: Don’t sleep on the day-old bakery items.
To purchase the loaves of bread at a more affordable price, prefer those that are a day older to those that are freshly baked. This is because they will often cost as low as just $1. Doing so will definitely save you lots of money.

#5: Look out for sites which provide free printable coupons
Clipping coupons are largely obsolete in our day and time. Most modern companies offer those coupons that are free, printable and cover most items which are available at your local Wal-Mart store. Check out the Pampers, Tablespoon, Pillsbury, Croker, and Betty as they are the most reliable of these companies.

#6: Take advantage of the Walmart free baby welcome boxes
Wal-Mart indeed lends a helping hand to help your baby get started in life. To leverage this option, you simply have to apply officially. Simply visit the nearest baby box page of Wal-Mart stores and provide your information. The box shall be shipped out to your home at no cost on your part. The box contains free samples of crucial items like newborn baby bottles, pacifiers, nursing pads, wipes, and diapers.

#7: Use the Wal-Mart Gift Card to save money on Gas
As soon as you have shopped at the Wal-Mart stores at your neighborhood, you may take advantage of the Wal-Mart gift card or credit card to purchase your gas. This entitles you to savings or no less than 3 cents per gallon at the Murphy USA gas stations.

#8: General brands are never that cheap in the long run
General brands may often be cheaper when evaluated at face value. However, they do end up being costing more in the long run. This is because they are often less likely to be sold. For this reason, prefer those items that are on sale at the moment. If they are non-existent, try out the generic items.

#9: Download the Wal-Mart App
Be sure to download the Walmart app. Do the same to the accompanying Savings Catcher. This lets you make shopping lists and save some substantial amounts of money on the deals which you would otherwise have not noticed. These deals are often available in the week-by-week store advertisements.

#10: Take advantage of the In-store pick-ups to enjoy discounts
In-store pick-ups are generally cheaper as they entitle you to hot discounts. However, they are tedious and time-consuming, especially after work. To get around this issue, you have to take advantage of the online ordering through the Wal-Mart app. You will have the items delivered right next to your doorstep but at a cheaper price.
If you further opt to ship the items to the store and collect them on your own, you will have to get out of your car. You will nonetheless not pay for shipping and at the same time be entitled to 5-10% off other selected items in the store.

#11: Lookout for free items at the Freeosk.
Freeosk stands are not available in every other Wal-Mart store. They are however amazing additions to make good use of. This is because the items are ordinarily far removed from the Costco sample size and are often left unattended to. You may wish to walk into these stands and grab some of these freely available sample sizes.

#12: Take note that certain “Great Value” brands are actually made by other brand names
Be sure that some of the products of Wal-Mart are in fact manufactured by leading alternative brands like Green Giant, Cool Whip, McCormick, and Conagra brands. They are only distinguished by the name, nothing else.

#13: Walmart’s clearance stickers at times conceal cheaper prices
Many shoppers have discovered that clearance stickers often conceal cheaper prices. It is, therefore, insensible to spend too much of your time browsing through the clearance section of the Walmart stores. This is because Wal-Mart has developed the habit of sticking least expensive clearance tags beneath the other more expensive options. This forces customers to pay more for the items than they ideally ought to. It is hence advisable to take note of this and avoid such a pitfall next time.

#14: In some instances, the locked glass cases have the cheapest electronics
The locked glasses play the role of keeping the clearance electronics out of the glass case. They do so primarily to create room for other more expensive gadgets. Wal-Mart does keep these clearance items out of the reach of many ordinary customers. This happens mostly in the fall as it is at this time that the stores commence the preparations for the holidays. You should thus consider spending a bit of your time at these display cases to save some money.

#15: Skim the refurbished section online before making eventual purchases of electronics
Instead of wasting your money on the brand new electronics, consider trying your luck by skimming the refurbished sections of the Wal-Mart website. This section contains items with minor issues and defects. Such issues in most cases are easily fixed by the manufacturer and resold at a fraction of the original price.

#16: Look up to the last-day bakery and butchery discounts
In case you are extremely cash-strapped, purchasing those items that are nearly expired from the bakery and the meat department at your local Wal-Mart store can help a great deal in saving some few dollars for you. You should, however, look out for those expiry dates that are a day to the ultimatum. The store will often be reluctant to lower the prices if the items can still stay fresh for a longer duration after the official expiration deadline.

#17: Make use of the search bar of the Wal-Mart website to reveal any hidden clearance deals
Wal-Mart’s website is not necessarily the most user-friendly of all that are available. It nonetheless contains a feature which lets you view every clearance item which is available in the store. Just type ‘clearance’ in the search bar which is right at the top. Every clearance item which is available at that time will pop up on your screen.

#18: Generic prescriptions cost less than $5.00
As soon as you have received a prescription from a doctor, rush to Wal-Mart to determine whether a generic version of that prescription does exist. Proceed further to determine whether that version may be bought at $4 or less. Doing so might save you hundreds of dollars on your prescriptions.

#19: Holiday clearance items are generally cheaper after a holiday
Exactly 3 days after any major holiday, the items that are generally required for such holidays do experience a slump in value. They, as a matter of fact, may be marked down to around 90% of their original quoted prices. It is appropriate therefore to time your purchases accordingly.

#20: Go grocery shopping in the morning
The Go Banking Rates stipulate that you ideally should purchase groceries early in the morning rather than late in the evening or at midday. It is at this time that the meat from the previous day is still on sale. You are therefore more likely to spend less for your groceries than you would ordinarily.

#21: Diapers cost more at Walmart
Most previous shoppers have noted that on the whole, diapers cost more at Wal-Mart than other competing stores. This is especially true for the Target which is consistently 0.05 cents less expensive than most other retailers. It is therefore in your best interest to give them a wide berth for such purchases.

#22: Walmart’s Great Value brand provides the cheapest gluten-free products and alternatives
In case you are on a gluten-free diet, you probably know how costly it is. This is because the average prices for these products are often one third more expensive. If you are looking to save a few pennies, do consider taking advantage of the Great Value Brand of Wal-Mart’s gluten-free items. Their prices are the cheapest and also feature a vast selection which makes your access to them painless.

#23: Wal-Mart’s party supplies are cheaper than Dollar Tree
Instead of taking a separate trip to the Dollar General or Dollar Tree to look out for cheap party supplies, simply access the party supply aisle after completing the grocery shopping. You will, in the process of so doing, save more money. This is not to mention the overall diverse selection.

#24: Wal-Mart’s sample displays contain the best coupons and freebies
Wal-Mart’s sample displays usually confer some amazing coupons and in many other instances, free products. What’s more? Even the Wal-Mart sample vendors do set up shop in Wal-Mart stores. They, in the course of these, dish out exclusive coupons which confer even greater savings than the ordinary in-store coupons offers.

#25: Check the end-caps for any hidden clearance items
If you find no fanciful item on the clearance aisles, do consider taking some full rounds of the store to look out for any other clearance items which may stay hidden away from the plain sight and on the end-caps.

#26: Sign up for Ibotta to let you obtain any refunds on your purchases
To receive any refunds on your purchases, simply complete the tasks in the Ibotta. Proceed to take pictures of your receipts after you have already shopped at Walmart. The app will subsequently reward you with cash gifts and refunds to use at the store later.

#27: You can find some clothing basics, such as tank tops, for under $4
Certain clothing basics like the tees, tank tops, and onesies are often as cheap as $4 only. Moreover, if you find this amount still too expensive for your liking, you may consider browsing the seasonal clearance clothing selections for any $1 steals.

#28: Take advantage of the employee bonuses if you can
When you work for Wal-Mart for a duration of around 15 years, you are entitled to a lifetime discount of around 10% on all sales. This is good news since Wal-Mart has been known to underpay its workers. Moreover, the retail giant also dishes out some bonuses to reward higher sales frequently. For instance, in the fiscal year ended 2018, it dished out in excess of $625 million in bonuses.

#29: Skip the organic produce
It is no secret that Wal-Mart’s organic produce sections are not so cheap. It is, therefore, a bright idea to stick to the Aldi’s and Trader Joe’s and shy away from Wal-Mart.

#30: Avoid their cheap furniture
In all, the furniture that is sold at Wal-Mart is cheaper and less durable than those of their competitors. They are only suited for students but not for home and family use. You want to avoid their cheap furniture at all costs not unless you are a college student.

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